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Wireless host, cannot see VM from network laptop

Running into an oddity, need help. I recently bought a BMAX mini pc and I want it to be my VM host. It is currently running Win11 Pro and I have VMware workstation pro running. I have the SEC503 VM running on it so I can SSH into the VM while I am on the local machine. However, I bought the BMAX so that I can log into it from other machines/laptops.

  • I can ping the BMAX unit from a networked laptop.
  • The VM is currently in NAT mode and I can ping the VM while local on the BMAX, but I cannot reach it when on a different computer on the same network.
  • I am unable to SSH in or even ping the VM from a remote system.
  • Basically defeats the purpose of getting the BMAX in the first place.
  • Additionally, it is not my firewall or other settings within Windows as I can hit the BMAX itself from other networked devices


I have tried setting up the VM in bridged mode the sec503 VM (I am using this as the test right now) loses network connection.

Running VMware Workstation Pro 17

Someone a bit ago suggested that it is an issue due to the BMAX running on wireless and that is the cause of not being able to see the VM on the network.

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