Windows 7 RC Host / VM 6.5.2 - NAT problem

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I'm currently running Windows 7 RC in dual boot mode with Vista (both 64 bit) and had been having issues between the two with VM's using the NAT network adaptor .. it seemed that running in Vista all was working fine yet with Windows 7 VM's could ping and tracert to internet etc., but couldn't browse or have application access out.

I thought at first it was the configuration of Windows 7 but after much matching of setup between Vista and Windows I then trawled the web and forums here and discovered it wasn't just me Smiley Happy but appears there's a problem with the VMWorkstation NAT service that just doesn't work under Windows 7 RC whereas it's ok under Vista.

I do quite understand that Windows 7 is not yet a released o/s and hence VMWare can't be expected to have their software compliant with it but I'm hoping that the labs are already well and truelly working with Windows 7 and Workstation and have also come across this issue and .. it would surprise me if it hasn't already been fixed in a build in the labs?

As I'm sure many of us that use Workstation are trying out Windows 7 RC as it's widely available, would it be possible for VMWare to issue, in beta form maybe, a pre-release of Workstation (or just NAT service module if possible as separate) so all of us who are trialing Windows 7 can also use and trial NAT VM's at the same time? I for one extensively use NAT'd VM's so not having them (I know the workarounds) is a bit of a pain as we try 7.



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I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues regarding Windows 7 and NAT. You might want to consult the Windows 7 forum at, there may be some information about compatibility with your system, please keep in mind, if your system was stable before, and you have the Vista Drivers they will work with Windows 7, so you may want to revert to them.



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This is a bug in VMWare running on WIndows 7 RC1. The latest VMWare Workstation beta has solved this problem but its too buggy for me to run in a production mode. Too bad VMWare hasn't provided a patch to fix the existing VM 6.5.2 installs. Until they do bridge networking can be used.

I'm running a SSL-VPN. In bridge mode I can run it on one system at a time (host or one guest). This is problematic for me. Windows 7 has been very stable and has solved performance issues for me so I don't want to fall back to Vista! Hey MS, are you sure you don't want to release the OS before 10/22? This is the best beta/RC OS I have ever tested out of Microsoft and that dates back to Win 95!

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Here they are:

1. Run the Virtual Network Editor as Administrator (Use RunAS or right click and Run as Administrator on vmnetcfg.exe)

2. Goto Host Virtual Adapters and remove all VMNet instances (VMNet1 and VMNet8 typically).

3. Click Apply.

4. Add New and Assign it the new adapter to VMnet1.

5. Click Apply.

6. Select the Host Virtual Networking tab.

7. Click the > next to VMnet1 and change the address and subnet to the ICS network ( /

8. Click Apply.

9. Go to the NAT tab and select VMNet1.

10. Click Edit and change the Gateway to the ICS gateway IP (

11. Click Apply and restart the NAT service. (Counter-intuitive, I know.)

12. Go to the DHCP tab.

13. Add VMNet1 and remove all others.

14. Click Apply.

15. Select Properties of VMNet1 in DHCP Tab.

16. Enter a Start and End Address for DHCP Scope ( to as an example)

17. Adjust client lease to a few days to avoid potential DHCP client renewal timeouts.

18. Click OK / Click Apply.

19. Select Host Only Networking for every VM that needs NAT out to your host network/internet.

20. Enable ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) on the W7 Host network card that provides connectivity. Select VMNet1 as the network card that needs access.

One note on these instructions that I found, Windows firewall needs to be shut off for all types of networks and things work fine.

These instructions first started here:

MS changed the host ICS IP to 192.168.137, see this:

Ive heard XBOX people having problems too

Everything should "just work" with the IPs coming from the DHCP server of ICS.

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thank you very very much for this solution. Not every step is necessary, a shorter version is available here


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Has VMWare acknowledged this issue at all? Is there an ETA on a fix?

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