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Windows 2000 Installation on VMWare Workstation Pro 17 going extremely slowly

First a synopsis of host hardware and OS Specs.
OS - Windows 11 Pro 22H2 OS build 22621.1265
CPU - Ryzen 5800x
GPU - Radion 6800xt
RAM - 128gb
Available HD Space where VM is being installed - 585gb

The issue at hand is that I am installing Windows 2000 Professional on VMWare Workstation Pro 17 and the process is going impossibly slow. I'm on my 4th day and Windows 2000 is still installing.
I have owned several previous versions of VMWare Workstation Pro over the years and have never had this issue installing Windows 2000 Professional before. I have saved VM's of Windows 2000 Professional, but I cannot use them on VMWare Workstation Pro 17 on Windows 11 Pro because host shares from previously made VM's are not allowed. I require my Windows 2000 Professional VM to be able to use a host share.
I have tried the install with both Core Isolation either enabled, or disabled. Each time I have tried to install the process is taking too long.
I have tried various VM configurations of hardware as well as doing the default automatic install and the install is taking too long. I have tried installing with a share enabled from the outset as well as not doing that.
I have tried different VMWare compatibility layers going way back and the install is taking too long.

In my previous installs over the years of Windows 2000 professional either on this, or other machines, the process has been quick and unremarkable. No problems whatsoever.
There are no other software issues occurring on this machine.
I have ended all previous install attempts on VMWare Workstation Professional 17 because I have run out of patience. The only reason I have allowed this installation attempt to run into it's 4th day is because I am trying to see it through.
At this point the installation has completed the section where the installer states it has Installed the Start Menu.
The installation is now halfway through Registering Components. It has been Registering Components for nearly 18 hours. Progress is occurring. It's just occurring slowly.
At all points of this installation, while there is no user input occurring, the mouse either moves slowly, or not at all. When there is a pause in the install so the user can input information like name, company name, entering of product ID, the mouse moves fine, and input is not delayed.
I do not understand what could be happening, and as far as I can tell, the only variable that has changed is that I am not running an earlier version of VMWare Workstation Professional, but am now trying to run on a clean install of VMWare Workstation Professional 17.

If there is something I'm missing, or some issue I am not aware of, please let me know what that could be. Any idea's you might have would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

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