Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Host --- VMware Workstation Windows Indexing issues with high Disk Activity

It seems your QA process is lacking.

Or maybe I just need to read a doc you already have on this?
The problem below has caused me great deals of suffering, pain and anguish in the last 2-3 months now.

PROBLEM is this:

* Running Windows 10 Pro, 64-bit, Insider Preview OS.

Using latest VMware Workstation 12.

* It seems Windows 10 Indexing Service is trying to keep up with constant VMware data files changing.

Obviously, when files for active/running VMs - I usually run 3 or 4 at once - are changed/written to by VMware all the time cause Windows 10 and VMware to become a bad combination, and Windows 10 Task Manager shows 100% load for my VMs drive - disk R: in my case, an otherwise fast and good WD Black 4 TB HDD.

So, my questions are:

1) Is this a known issue? Since my Indexing folder takes about 12-15 GBs (lots of HDDs with many files), I have moved it to drive R: (HDD) instead of drive C: (SSD).

Is it a problem having both my VMs and my Indexing on same drive?

Should I move the Indexing folder or my VMs elsewhere?

2) It seems VMware Workstation uses several different file types/extensions in its work.

Please tell me all of these, and tell me how to setup Windows Indexing for them?
I assume I need to tell Indexing NOT to index some (all??) extensions VMware uses.

It seems .vmem are one of the culprits.

I assume correct way is this - add extensions to Indexing list of extensions, then make sure the file type is set NOT to Index - unchecked, correct?

Is there an existing doc on this you can provide a link to?

I need a full list of extensions, as Windows does a full re-indexing on adding one!
And on my PC, it will take 4-5+ days to reindex, so I cannot manage to do it one by one, I need them all.

3) Why does VMware Workstation not automatically add such file extensions to the Windows Indexing list, and tell Windows not to index these?

OR are Windows programs not allowed to change Windows Indexing settings?

NOTE: When this happens, Windows 10 Task Manager shows long/continuous use of my R: drive - 100% disk usage.

It seems VMware Workstation is writing to the local files it uses all the time, and at the same time Windows Indexing is constantly trying to keep up, which of course won't work.

I was unable to check in Task Manager what caused this 100% disk usage, but Resource Monitor revealed it is most probably the Indexing that does this.

NOTE #2: VMware Workstation is installed on drive C: - 2 SSDs in RAID0. But I keep my VMs off the SSD, they are on a separate HDD (drive R, specs above).

Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions on this!

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