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Windows 10 - Lag in Chrome Dev Tools window

Hi Guys,

We currently use Workstation 8 with VM's running windows 7 - the VM's are on HW comp. level 8.

On a fresh install of windows 10 pro with the following specs in VMWare Workstation Pro 12.5.2:

Memory 6.5GB

Processors 2 / 4 cores each


Virtualisze Intel VT-x On

3D Accel. on

Windows 10 version: Win10 Pro 1703 OS Build 15063.0.

Brand new install - nothing but Google Chrome added.

When using the Dev Tools in google chrome (F12) there is a really noticable lag when resizing the dev tools window around when using the VM using HW compatability version 12.x (the current latest/default version).

When we change the hardware compatibility generation/version to version 8.x (as we currently have with the windows 7 vm's) then the lag appears to go away and everything is really smooth.

I've created two videos - unfortnately the videos don't really show it as obvious as it looks to the naked eye but i've tried my best:

HW Comp. Version 12.x:

HW Comp 12.x - Windows 10 - YouTube

HW Comp. Version 8.x (no lag):

HW Comp 8.x - Windows 10 - YouTube

This was a fresh install of windows 10 pro which was downloaded last night from Microsoft, there is nothing extra installed except for Google Chrome.

Any questions just ask. I'm after any settings I can change or reasons why this might be occuring. I've tried speaking with VMware themselves and i am awaiting a response.

Now obvioulsy as far as i'm concerned we could just use HWC v8 but a warning comes up saying that it isn't officially supported and doesn't support windows 10 - as much as it does actually work just fine, we also lose USB3.0 support when using HWC v8.



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You gave the specs of the VM but not of the host. The 2 sockets/4 cores per socket in the VM seems a bit excessive; unless your host has something more than quad core/8 thread processor.

Make sure you install the latest VMware Tools. VMware SVGA 3D driver should be that came with 12.5.5. VMware Workstation 12.5.5 fixes some memory allocation issues with the SVGA.

If you have multiple graphics adapters (such as one integrated Intel and one discrete Nvidia or AMD), you want to make sure the the more powerful graphic card is the DX11 render device of VMware Workstation. Some Intel Iris graphics are on par with entry level Nvidia/AMD discrete graphics in terms of GFLOPS.

See this thread for the explanation if you need to tweak the VMX configuration file to select the appropriate adapter.


You don't need the Virtualize VT-x on unless you want to run a VM inside the VM.

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thanks for your response.

I'm actually on Workstation Pro 12.5.6. SVFA 3D driver version is

The host is a Precision 5510. 16gb rAM. iNTEL xEON e3-1505m V5.

Host has the following graphics cards:

Intel(R) HD Graphics P530

NVIDIA Quadro M1000M

It looks like changing the nvidia settings to make the nvidia card preferred fixes my issue, i have one user I need to test this on but looks good.

Thanks bluefirestorm.


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