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WinXp VmWare crash in Workstation 7 / ubuntu 64

The last week my winxp vmware workstation intiate to crash sometime.

The Vmware come from phisical PC clone based on 32 bit hardware client.

The crash seem to be not cennected to a particolar event on VmWare.

Vmware workstation run on Ubuntu Natty 11.04 64Bit.

The Vmware is a WinXp professional.

The VmWare version is : 7.1.4 build-385536

All the systems/software seem to be up to date. Tha problem was be raised 3 weeks ago.

Any idea for the crash reason? May be better to upgrade to the version 8? The 11.x version of ubuntu is unstable ?

Here in attached the log file.

many thanks in advance for the cooperation.

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