Why can't I resize a persistent disk with snapshots on VM

I have a virtual machine that has 2 virtual hard drives.  The first hard drive is non-persistent and the second hard drive is persistent.  My VM has some snapshots that I have taken.  It is my understanding that persistent disks will not be part of a snapshot capture.  If that is the case, then why can't I resize my second hard disk?  Workstation will not allow it unless I delete all of my snapshots.  I would have thought that I could still resize my second persistent disk even with snapshots on the first disk.

This seems restrictive to the environment because I would think that I could just remove the disk from my VM, add it to another new VM, resize it, then add it back to my original VM.  Seems like a lot of extra steps to do when it would have been a lot easier if I could just resize it while it is part of my current VM.  

Could someone explain this to me, because perhaps I am misunderstanding why this restriction is in-place for persistent disks?

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