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Weird bug with location of virtual drives

I am having an intermittent bug where I add a virtual drive to an existing VM, I specify the location for the virtual drive to be on a different drive to where the files for the VM itself are stored (I have a much larger other drive that I want to use as a temporary storage location, because I don't have enough space on the drive where I put the VM files). Sometimes it works, but then every now and then, I'll start using the VM, and writing data to the virtual disk, only to find that VMware has created the same virtual disk back in the location where the rest of the VM files are, and when I look at the settings, the path to the disk is changed completely.


I feel like I'm going crazy, because I'm explicitly making a new disk on a totally different drive letter, and somehow VMware is switching that back to the location of the VM itself.


Has anyone experienced this?


I'm using v17 with an Ubuntu guest VM, on Windows 10 host.

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