WS8: incorrect key mapping in Linux guest


I'm using VMware Workstation 8.0.6 build-1035888 on a CentOS6.4 (up-to-date) Linux 64bit system, installed on a Dell Latitute E6530 laptop.

A keyboard mapping issue appears in any Linux guest VM I create (tried w/ a CentOS6 32bit guest, but an Ubuntu 12 as well): some of the keys are not mapped at all, and few ones are incorrectly mapped. The same issue is observed when using a guest created on another machine w/ VMware WS 6, as well as newly created VMs.

On the host Linux, the keyboard model is "Generic 105-key (Intl) PC" and the keyboard layout is "English (US) English (IS, international with dead keys)", as set in GNOME. On the host system, the keyboard does work properly.

In the guest system, the \|, `~ and '" keys don't work at all. The [{ and ]} keys are mis-assigned.
In the guest system, I ran `showkey` as root (showing key scan codes at kernel level), some of the keys that don't work simply don't show any scan code, some do.
In the guest system, I ran `xev` the keys that don't have scan codes aren't managed by Xorg (obviously), the other ones are either showing same keycodes as shown by `xev` on the host system, either different ones.

The question is.. is this a compatibility issue between VMware WS 8 and the Dell Latitude E6530's (pretty recent) hardware?
Is this something I can remap in the VM config file - I'm doubting about this since the guest doesn't show scan codes for all keys.

Thanks in advance for any tip!

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