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WS15 Pro - Dual Monitor Support

My Host OS: Windows Server 2016 standard, 16 core, 64G RAM, Nvida GeForce GT710

Typical Guest: Windows 7 pro, 2 core, 16G RAM

I've had the dual monitors for about 9 months and have several times tried to configure dual monitors for what I expect and... sorry but, the current implementation sucks!  Yes I can have a guest use both monitors, yes I can have several guests use both monitors, but the implementation is awkward and DirectX doesn't work well with both monitors active.  What I see is overly complex for my needs and I would venture to say most engineers with dual monitors.

So here is what I'd like to have... and yes I'm asking alot

  • A hardware mode for monitors, set at host and honored by each guest
    • Each guest automatically gets what the host has to offer, no special monitor modes that may or may not work as I expect
    • Each quest is unaffected by a different guest's monitor setting (a temp single monitor logon on guest A should't change anything on guest B)
    • Each guest has a Windows task bar with duplicated tasks and task bar display (just like as if I ran this guest OS without a host)
    • hot key and/or pull down switching between running guests and/or to WS15 Pro home
    • WS15 Pro Home page - displays and controls the guests on both monitors (complete duplication)
    • DirectX hardware acceleration (DirectDraw, Direct3D, and AGP Texture) each work as expected on guest OS with dual monitors (god forbid we want to use a build in screen saver or run a graphics app that requires them)

Thanks in advance


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