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Vmware failed to boot linux vmdk image

Hi team,

I am using the linux kernel 5.10 image and trying to boot the vmware on Windows 11. But it fails to boot the vmdk image at initramfs stage and giving below error on exit command. I tried with giving the rootdelay=10 but also didn't work. 

Also, I am not seeing any /dev/sd[a/b]* device.

I am using below command to create the partition 

part --source efibootguard-efi --label ebg --part-type=EF00 --align 1024 --size 16M --extra-space 0 --active
part --source efibootguard-boot --label boota --part-type=0700 --align 1024 --size 32M --extra-space 0 --overhead-factor 1 --sourceparams "watchdog=0,re vision=2,root=LABEL=rootfs-part-p1"

 part --source efibootguard-boot --label bootb --part-type=0700 --align 1024 --size 32M --extra-space 0 --overhead-factor 1 --sourceparams "watchdog=0,re vision=1,root=LABEL=rootfs-part-p2"

#root file-systems
part / --source rootfs --fstype ext4 --label rootfs-part-p1 --align 1024 --size 4096M --active
part --fstype ext4 --label rootfs-part-p2 --align 1024 --size 4096M

13 # persistent data
part --fstype ext4 --label persistent --align 1024 --size 2048M

16 # Set partition table type to GPT for UEFI
 bootloader --ptable gpt

Please help me on this issue .



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