Vm an existing pc, then reconfig the same pc to boot from VM?

I have a user who is somewhat technologically challenged. Restoring\Rolling back their pc after a serious mishap is problematic and time consuming (downtime is considered blasphemy).

My plan is:

1) Use Workstation 10\ Converter to convert their entire pc to a VM.

2) Wipe the physical pc, and reconfigure\install whatever is necessary so that the pc boots up directly to the VM.

3) After the VM boots, a snapshot is taken.

3) The entire process should be invisible to the user. No prompts or menus to interact with.

So, they boot up\reboot and the pc does its thing and starts their Windows vm automagically. If they muck it up (virus, or other user induced snafu's); I can simply rollback to a snapshot that isn't broken.

How would I achieve this?

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