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Vista boot problem

I have Workstation 5.5.6. The host machine is XP Pro SP2.

I created a new guest machine and installed Vista Ultimate. I had a problem with the Vista disk not being detected and VMWare resorting to a network boot. I kept trying over and over and finally I got the timing just right on the insertion of the disk so that finally it was detected and Vista installed just fine. I had the guest running for about four days and needed to reboot the host last night. So, I shut down the guest and it didn't shut down properly but gave me a black screen. I couldn't figure out how to get rid of the black screen (no keys that I tried did anything) to get to the desktop for the host, so finally I used the tower button on the host to shut down.

Today, I went to start the Vista guest and got a popup saying the location of the config file had changed. I had not copied the machine nor did I move it. I wasn't sure what to do so I chose to create a new identifier. Then when I tried to boot the machine, I got the network boot screen!

I then checked the location of the machine in My Documents\My Virtual Machines and I now have TWO Vista guest machines listed. Ugh. I guess I should not have created a new identifier? From the logs I see that since I created the new identifier, it is trying to boot from the "new" vista location and the virtual disk file is only 1kb for that machine.

How do I get it to boot from the original Vista install which is still there in the My Virtual Machines folder? Should I delete the second Vista machine that got created when I made a new identifier? Why did I get that popup about the location of the config file changing anyhow? Did that happen because it didn't seem to fully shut down earlier and gave me the black screen?

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