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Virtualizing existing Linux partition on the local machine.

I am trying out VM Workstation on Windows and I am tried to run the existing linux partition by following steps blow:

Create a new VM > Advanced > Choose to install the OS later > select Debian 6 64bit > .... > Use Physical Disk > Use individual partion > Select the partition (not the swap) > Finish

The message I get here is

Grub loading...


and nothing else. So it is not seeing the OS properly.

I am dual booting on my machine Windows 7 Pro and Crunchbang Waldorf 64-bit. The default MBR is grub and I have set the timeout on grub for me to select partition to boot. I also tried to change the boot order and also tired to boot from another LiveCD, but had no success.

My hard drive is SSD and its IDE interface was shown as ATAPI and I chose LSI logic.

From my understanding what I am trying to do is achievable, so what am I doing wrong here?

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