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Video Resolution Problem

I use virtual machines with window server 2008 r2 operating system, but only one of them has a problem,

it stays in the 640x480 screen resolution, when I try to change in the windows itself in the control panel, it can not make the change, the screen goes off and back but it remains at the same resolution.

I tried to change and fix a resolution of 1024x768 in the configuration file of the virtual machine, but it did not work.

what could it be?

i use Workstation 10.0.0 version

with build 1295980

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Welcome at the VMware Community forums,

This symptom pretty much always means that either VMware Tools has not been installed, or that it wasn't installed correctly.

Do not try a repair install from within the Guest OS as it likely will not fix this, unfortunately the "Reinstall VMware Tools" from the drop down menu also falls in that same category.

You really need the guest OS to reboot inbetween uninstall and install to make sure that all the files from VMware Tools are in the correct locations and of the correct version.

In short follow these steps:

  • Uninstall VMware Tools
  • Reboot guest OS
  • Install VMware Tools
  • Reboot guest OS.

Follow the steps from the installer to completely uninstall VMware Tools 

  • Reboot the guest OS.
  • Then from the Virtual Machine menu select "Install VMware Tools"

If no installer appears, go to the DVD-rom within windows and click "setup" (for 32 bits windows) or "setup64" (for 64 bits windows)

Once you see an installer, click "Next" until Finish, keep the defaults.

  • Reboot the guest when done installing (it will ask by itself to reboot)



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Have you  installed VMware Tools ?

before try again

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