VMware virtualization driver possibly crashing my computer

I'm having strange system crashes (BSoD's) with VMware and with the help of ralish, we found interesting things about my problem. The thing is, we were using Driver Verifier to look for possible causes of my system freezes and we found out that every virtual machine, on my system, caused the system to crash (BSoD) when powering on. Debugging the kernel crash dump points to the VMware virtualization driver. I'm no expert and here's what ralish had to say about the problem:

>Just for the record, I'm not saying conclusively this is VMware's problem, but we were able to repeatedly cause the machine to BSoD when powering on a virtual machine under VMware Workstation with Driver Verifier running.

>A basic analysis of the crash dump consistently shows vmx86 driver calls in the stack trace immediately leading up to the crash, with the only other calls being low-level OS functions. The analysis does seem to point towards vmx86 being a likely culprit.

>This may not be a fault with VMware's code but it's also plausible that it could be and may well be worth a look.

>Disclaimer: I'm not a professional kernel debugger or even particularly experienced, this is just a best effort troubleshooting a difficult problem. If I'm completely wrong, I apologise to both Nazgulled and any VMware technician that might choose to take a look out of charity.

I have attached two logs from debugging the kernel crash dumps with WinDbg, one for virtual Windows XP and other for virtual Arch Linux.

Any help is appreciated. Smiley Happy

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