VMware leaking local IP while connected to a VPN service

Yesterday I discovered that running a VPN service in a virtual machine is leaking local information. Environment is as follows :

- host : laptop running Windows 10

- VMware Workstation v 14.1.2 build-8497320

- virtual machines tested : Windows 10 and Kali Linux

- VPN provider is NordVPN (I ran full diagnostics with them yesterday and the problem appears to be with VMware or its setup)

- no leak on the host machine, VPN working perfectly there when activated

Tests :

1) Running a VPN service only in the virtual machine(s), VPN connects fine and my public IP is now that of the VPN server. However, when testing for instance a website that I know is being blocked by my local ISP, I receive a message from my local ISP - so there's a leak, which is also confirmed when checking 'webRTC detection' nicely shows my private tunnel address. Not good.

2) Running a VPN service on both the host and the virtual machine(s) : problem persists.

3) Hard coding DNS servers on each NIC (physical and virtual) to those of my VPN provider : problem persists.

4) Switching between NAT and bridged mode : problem persists.

Is this a known issue? Am I maybe overlooking a simple setting to get this sorted?

Thanks in advance.

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