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VMware Workstation Upgrade license 16 to 17 is a scam???

I got scammed by them. Tried to purchase upgrade for Workstation from 16 to 17.

They took money from credit card using PayPal and didn't provide any license.

After contacting support not even word that they can send license key (I was purchasing upgrade) and also got refusal of refund until I will conduct some procedures with PayPal and send some paperwork to them... it is organized scam.. at least that is how it looks at this stage.

here is what support responded when requested them either to provide license and refund for one transaction (yes, they took $$ twice)
"....Our payments team advised they did found 2 orders in our system. They advised to process refund from our side you will need to contact PayPal and life the dispute. Once dispute is closed you will have to provide us a signed document from PayPal confirming that disputes are closed. When we have that we can process a refunds for your 2 orders...."


I do not quite get why I have to contact anyone and provide any paperwork while they actually stole money

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This occurred to me too. Somehow when you click VM Pro 16.1 upgrade within application it directs to an international website. It looks like VMware USA, but is not. The license provided at checkout will not be registered at Digital River. Digital River will have no transaction. The licensing to USA oppose other countries is messed up. 

VMware International Ltd
Behan House, Barrach
Main St. Ballincolling CO.

Charge is in dispute. 

make sure you are on USA website. https://store-us.vmware.com/

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