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VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2018 available!

The VMware Workstation team is very excited to announce the VMware Workstation Technology Preview 2018 release! This release includes many great new features that we’ve been working on and we would love to hear your feedbacks!

VMware Workstation 2018 Technology Preview includes:

  • Direct3D 10.1 support
  • Hardware version 16
  • REST API for automation
  • High DPI support
  • Better vSphere client - ESXi Host/cluster view when connecting to vCenter
  • USB Auto Connect to virtual machine
  • Linux Host Wayland Support

You can download the Tech Preview build from Workstation 2018 Tech Preview community https://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/beta/workstation-pro/.

Leave us your feedback in Workstation 2018 Tech Preview community and let us know what you think!

- VMware Workstation Team

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> This release includes many great new features that we’ve been working on

Great new features ? - that sounds frightening. I understand that you have to announce great new features just to make sure you still have a job for another year.
But do not think you can impress us users with such an announcement.
As a long term user I learned that "great new features" come and go - independantly from  the wishes and needs of the users.
New features are nice - but as the drawback we will get used to it quickly and then it becomes anoying if they disappear again.

I regard WS 7 - ACE-edition as the most stable and feature-rich version VMware ever created.
At thatt time  I even used to recommend sparse VMDKs for production usage.

Nowadays I tell users that using sparse VMDKs is an unacceptable risk only suitable for discardable VMs.

Longterm power users like me will not get excited when you announce a new feature X - we are rather worried and ask ourselves wether feature A still works as expected.

Lets have a quick look at some items on your new feature list ...

  • Hardware version 16  = this is no new feature - this is maintenance to keep up with the changes in the real physical hardware
  • REST API for automation = may be useful for 1% of the users
  • Better vSphere client - ESXi Host/cluster view when connecting to vCenter - who needs several different versions of a vSphere ?
  • We still remember a fully functional solid thick-client which no longer exists. Since then we see several completely different approaches to get back to the old standard - none of them is convincing.

To impress an old longterm user you would need a feature list like this:

- FIXED: the repair function of vmware-vdiskmanager is working again

Unfortunately my wishlist is not sexy at all - nothing in there that would impress your boss at the next quarterly shareholder meeting ...

But we users would see that you do something to work against the downward spirale that seems unstoppable since WS 8.

Regards Ulli

Do you need support with a VMFS recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
I do not support Workstation 16 at this time ...


I stopped using VMWare WS over six years ago and switched to VirtualBox exclusively as Workstation is too heavy, bulky and slow for my needs - very slow to install, slows down your PC startup considerably, it's slow to launch virtual machines. Its virtualization performance might be higher but I don't have any tasks which could benefit from it - most of my VMs are IO bound, not CPU bound. VirtualBox software emulation was several times slower than VMWare's but when CPUs with hardware virtualization became common the difference became minimal.

I also asked VMWare engineers if they could allow to run VMs without disk memory backing (aka vmem) and since I never received any solution to this issue I just stopped bothering completely - these vmem files are a cause of unnecessary disk thrashing.

For me the last "good" version of WorkStation was 5.0. It has gone downhill since then.

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