VMware Workstation 16 Pro Configuration maximums: CPU


I am running on a Windows 11 laptop and I have a vSAN, DRS, vMotion nested Workstation 16 Pro lab (4 - ESXi 7.x hosts), plus a Windows 10 VM, and needed to know the approximate vCPU to pCPU ratio for Workstation 16.x Pro.  I looked at the config max calculator but could not find anything specifically for Workstation.    The running VM CPU configs are:

  • ESXi#1 - 1 X 8 cores
  • ESXi#2 - 1 X 8 cores
  • ESXi#3 - 1 X 4 cores
  • ESXi#4 - 1 X 4 cores
  • Win10 -   1 X 4 cores             

"Back of the envelope", I seem to have 2.33:1 with a 6-core hyper-threaded i7-8750H.  At steady state, these VMs are not causing any CPU pegging even with the other processes I have running (roughly 25% - 40% for all processes).  So, I am confident I can deploy more VMs.  I know the ratio is dependent on the VM workload but wanted to give my students a more accurate number than my experiment above shows so they would have a better baseline.  Any help and insight would be greatly appreciated!


Leon Henry Squire

Wake Technical Community College                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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The general rule of thumb is to ensure to leave the host OS with at least 1 CPU available so it doesn't starve.  

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