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VMware Workstation 16.2.5 high CPU vm3dum64.dll causes scrolling lag on Visual Studio 2022

This issue has been investigated by Microsoft support and was determined to be the issue with VMware Workstation "vm3dum64.dll".

The problem:

Visual Studio 2022 (VS2022) on guest OS has a substantial scrolling lag on any file with 100+ lines. It is visible while dragging the scroll bar thumb with a mouse and observing that the thumb is substantially behind the mouse pointer even during slow mouse moves. This was benchmarked against Visual Studio 2019 (VS2019). On VS2019, this issue does not show up. The explanation from MSFT is that VS2022 uses 3D acceleration while VS2019 was not. Further investigation by MSFT revealed that "vm3dum64.dll is maxing out one core and consumes 50% of the CPU. That is a module from VMware. On the render thread, that is taking place.". The issue was reproduced on multiple different VMware VMs.

The above happens only when "Accelerate 3D Graphics" is enabled for the VM. When it is disabled, the issue goes away.


VMware Workstation 16.2.5 Pro.

Hardware: high-end laptop Lenovo P16, CPU I9-12900HX 5GHz, 64GB RAM.

Host OS: Windows 10 Pro build 19045.

Guest OS: Windows 10 Pro build 19045.


The above is for VMware support investigation.



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