VMware Workstation 16.1.0 upgrade, confusing error message


I purchased VMware Workstation 16 just over 30 days ago and installed for the first time today. After I rebooted and started the program, I was prompted to upgrade to 16.1.0. I started the upgrade, and a series of dialog boxes popped up asking for administrator access to run. I clicked OK on all of them. However, after the first of them, I noticed the message shown below in the screen capture. 

The upgrade program started nonetheless. The error message appear to be associated with the running instance of VMware, which I had to shut down in order to proceed.

The upgrade program completed and appeared to be successful. My concern at this point is that I have a flawed installation. I was only able to install the program successfully for the first time today, so my initial 30 days of support have expired. I would appreciate feedback on how to identify which component did not install and how to insure that the installation is at 100% without issues. Thanks.




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In cases like this, use the Windows "Add or remove programs" utility.   If the installer supports it, you will be given the option to "repair" the installation.  If "repair" is not supported, just remove it.   When you re-install Workstation, there is an option to locate your existing VMs and it will automatically add them back to the library.  If you have a license key, re-submit it when you re-install. 

Ray C.



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