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VMware Workstation 12 Pro Display resolution issue

I have (what I think) is an unusual problem with VMware Workstation Pro VM's created on a Windows 7 Pro x64 host.  I think the solution is probably simple to an experienced VMware workstation user so I am hoping for some good advice:

The screen resolution of my host operating system is 1600x900 and the graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GT 620M, as a reference point I am going to use the number of icons arranged in a single column.  On the host I can stack a column of ten icons.

In one of my VM's (W7 Pro x64) I have set the same screen resolution and the guest matches the host in full screen so the guest resolution is the same as the host and I have the same visual experience.  However in other guest VM's (all based on W7 Pro x64) the resolution is about 20% lower so I am only able to stack a column of eight icons, these icons are visually bigger than those in the host and the other 'good' VM guest.

I have checked all the obvious (I think) settings for the display adapter in both the VM's (good and bad) and in the host, everything seems to be the same in every instance but I have this reduction in resolution even though the system reports resolution is the same.

Any pointers/advice gratefully received.

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Hello 010Binary,

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Could you try to deselect the "Automatically adjust user interface size in the virtual machine" option of VM settings? Just like below:


Hope it helps.




Thanks. Extremely Right Answer! Worked for me.

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