VMware Display Scaling

Hi All,

  • I copied my VMware from my desktop to my laptop
  • I am having issues with the display, everything is minimised. I believe I need to use a scaling option but it doesn't show up in display? (Scale 100% , 200%)


What I've tried:

  • I have tried the different resolutions available in display but they are never correct, either too small or the icons are small
  • I have tried reinstalling vmware tools as recommended in a forum
  • I have tried to use the stretch features but to fill the screen the display is stretched horizontally and out of aspect

I am look for a scaling feature so the screen is filled and the icons aren't tiny.

Thank you

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

When you say “I copied my VMware”, you mean you copied the files of a VM from one system running VMware Workstation to another system running VMware Workstation - right?

What version of Workstation is running on each of your systems?

What OS is running on each of your systems?

What OS is running in your VM?

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