VMWorkstation 15.5.6 does not like Windows 10 1204 - mouse stutter

I've had 1204 on my laptop for 2 months now, running VM 15.5.1.  I finally decided I'd let the 15.5.6 update happen.  Mouse lag was terrible.  If you pulled up the Windows program list and scrolled, it was unusable.  Doing some research and came across the mouse issues people have with RDP.  The VMs I'm using reside on one of my laptop's secondary SSDs, so I don't think those issues are applicable.  After digging around some more, I decided screw it - and rolled back to 15.5.1 (restore points are your friends).  Issue gone.

FWIW, this mouse issue occurred on Windows Xp Pro and Windows 10 Pro 1904 guests.  I'm happy to provide any log files or further information if asked.


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