VMWare Workstation upgrade to 16.1 on Ubuntu 20.10 broken

Ran the upgrade for Workstation 16.1 on my Ubuntu 20.10 system and now VMWare Workstation will not load.  Getting an error about modules missing.

VMWare Error.png


error services.png


I have removed vmware workstation and reinstalled the 16.1 full install and still having issues.  I saw a few posts about similar issues but it was for older versions of VMWare and Ubuntu.  Tried some of those fixes and they are not working.  Was running fine with v16, so just something wrong with the system after the upgrade and it was not cleaned up by a uninstall and reinstall.  Thanks for any help!

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I also encountered that problem, I solved it with this command.

sudo apt install build-essential

if you get the same message, click on install.


I hope this helped.

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