VMWARE workstation 10.04


I currently have installed Desktop Workstation 10.04 on Ubuntu machine.

My virtual machines are installed on a separate disk.

I need to do a fresh install of my OS and then will re-install Workstation.

Once the Workstation is installed can I point it to the the disk where the VMs are installed.

I've tried this before and couldn't start up the VMs.

Do I need to back up some files where the Workstation is installed?

Thanks for any help.

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Each virtual machine consists of a set of files in a single folder (by default), and you should be able to add the VM's back to a newly installed instance of VMware Workstation by opening the configuration (.vmx) file. Just make sure you properly shut down (not suspend) the VMs before you reinstall the system.

Btw. a backup is always a good idea, not only when reinstalling!


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