VMWARE Pro 12 and a netgear Wireless Adapter A6210

I am running VM Ware Workstation pro 12 on a Dell E6540 Laptop with a Core I7 processor 16 GB of RAM. The VMs are running Windows 7 Pro, with 120 GB  HHDs, 2 Processors and 8 GB of Memory (4 GB of memory for 32 bit OS).

Now because our network will not support MAC cloning we have the NIC's set up to clone the Ethernet connection (VMNet 0 is set to use the Ethernet adapter). And the network adapter is set to user VMNet 0.     So when the laptop is taken on the floor it is important that the VM be able to work wireless so we have a net gear A6210  and the VM uses that adapter to to get wireless.

so the problem is the wireless adapter will lose connection to the desired server, only when in VM. One ping is lost, and the entire connection is lost. then restores itself and will be fine for a few minutes and then lose itself again.   This ONLY happens in VM ware, the connection remains stable when the adapter is connected to only the physical machine!

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