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VM failing to boot after enabling encryption - VMware Workstation Pro 17.0.2


I'm trying to create a Windows 11 VM in VMware Workstation Pro 17.0.2 on my Ubuntu 22.04 host

The VM boots fine up until I enable encryption.

When I encrypt the VM (tried both only encrypting files required for TPM and the full VM), the VM refuses to boot and gives me the following error:


Unable to change virtual machine power state: Could not open paging file for 8192 MB: "No space left on device".
Failed to allocate main memory.
Module 'MainMem' power on failed.
Failed to start the virtual machine.



This only happens **AFTER** encrypting the VM. During troubleshooting I was trying to work out why I was getting this error (my host has 600GB free on the disk, and 64GB RAM, only 8GB of which was in use, and I realised that this error only occurs after encryption is enabled, before this the VM boots file and (I'm assuming) the memory or paging file is being assigned fine. But I need a TPM (and therefore encryption) for Win11.

I'm not sure where to go from here. I've tried updating kernel modules, then doing a complete clean install of Workstation after that didn't work. My host machine has been rebooted multiple times.

I'd appreciate any assistance. 


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