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Using VMWare Workstation8-Host System Hard Drive Running Out Of Space In Windows 7 Ultimate


Mine is a Dell Studio 14 laptop with 8GB Ram and intel core2duo T 6600 processor. I have recently formatted my system into 4 partitions. i have two operating systems i.e dual boot(Windows XP & Windows7 Ultimate 64 bit) . I have installed VMware 8 workstation in Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and started using it. I am making different images and storing them on different partitions.But my Windows7 drive size is decreasing day by day by 500MB to 1 GB. I am using Kaspersky internet security 2012 licensed version hence no probability of virus. When I check the total size of the folders it was 19.2 Gb yesterday but now it is 22.8 GB and Windows7 reports 42.4 GB free of 75GB. Even if I assume that 20GB has been consumed for installation of OS, i don't know where the remaining 11GB space is consumed. Please help me out of this mystery. I am running CCleaner as well. Will there be any temporary files created by VMWare which have to be deleted manually???. Please please help me out. I have formatted my system earlier due to this reason as my Windows7 space ran out of space.



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