Using VM server 1.x and VM workstation 6 on the same machine?


I been using VM server for the past few weeks to connect to another vmserver (in server room) and make minor chnages and reboot images etc. Yesterday I installed the VM workstation trial (company buying licence as I type), which forced me to uninstall vmware server. I can create mutliple snap shots and things for local images but I cannot connect to the vm server (in server room). The only option is remote desktopping to the server. This can't be right?

In the past with VM GSX server there was a console application for connecting to the server. I had a search around but couldn't find anything? any ideas?

Also I know in vm server 2.0 it'll be a web interface so this will solve the issue but we tried the beta and had a few problems with it.



Windows XP

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Install the VMserver-remote-console - should be downloadable from the vmserver1 website of your local vmserver.

Workstation and the remote-console can be used from the same box

Do you need support with a recovery problem ? - send a message via skype "sanbarrow"
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