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Upgraded to Workstation Pro 16, now I can't use Office 365, Lastpass, or Internet

I have a new laptop running Ubuntu 20.04 and Workstation Pro 16.  My previous laptop was running Ubuntu 18.4 and Workstation Pro 15.

I have 3 Win7 VMs.  VM "A" was created from an image of an old windows laptop using VMWare Version 14.  VM "B" and "C" were created new using version 15.  All VMs worked fine prior to the upgrade.

VM "A" always has internet, Lastpass works and I can use Office 365

VM "B" only has internet when VM "C" is off or disconnected from internet and vise-versa.  Neither Lastpass nor Office 365 will work on either "B" nor "C".  Lastpass.com gives a privacy error, the Lastpass extension gives an Unknown Error.  Office 365 will let me log in online, but says it can't open any files or create a new file.  Office won't let me log in on my desktop. Error says that there is a server error (can't get a pic of it).


I'm thinking this has to all be related somehow, but I don't know where to start looking.  Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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