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Upgrade Licensing

Just a thought, but might VMware consider another tier for Upgrades?

Over the years our company has upgraded and purchased new Workstation licenses many many times.

In the corporate world where you have turnover, sometimes things fall through the cracks. For instance

we have some legacy licenses for version 5 and some for version 12 that for one reason or another fell by

the wayside and are no longer actively used. They do however, still show in VMware's license manager.

Now I know VMware probably doesn't want a bunch of cruft in their system, nor do we as a company particularly

want to look at it when managing licenses. What I would like to see is the ability to upgrade those older licenses.

Here is my thinking how this would work. For recent upgrades you have the $99 tier and full purchase is $199. Why

not afford a level you might call 'legacy' upgrade. I am thinking $149.99. Not as good if you keep up with versions, but

also not as draconian as 'buy a new license'. It might encourage some to clean house on their licenses. If that's not something

VMware would consider, then how about and option to delete old licenses?

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