Uninterrupted Performance for Guest OS from Windows 10 Host


I've recently noticed intrusive interruptions (1-2 second freezing) to my virtual guest OS (Red Hat Desktop from my Windows 10 host. I am running an Intel i9 8-core (16 logical cores) CPU and built-in Intel Video. I have virtualization features enabled from BIOS (VT-D, etc). At one point, I compared the difference between Hyper-V hosted VMs and Workstation PRO 16 hosted VM. I've been a long term fan of VMWare since my early teenage years, so I disabled Hyper-V from the Control Panel.

I use RedHat as my chosen Linux guest OS for development when the need for Linux arises. Please consider the following:

  • Guest: Virtualize Intel-VD Enabled
  • Guest: Virtualize CPU Performance Counters Enabled
  • Guest: Virtualize IOMMU Enabled
  • Guest: 1 Virtual CPU with 8 cores
  • More than enough available physical memory dedicated to the VMs.
  • Maximum video memory dedicated via the Display settings.
  • Not always running, usage is on-demand (No ECC ram installed on host).

If possible, can someone please provide tips on how to properly configure my VMs run with the best performance without interruptions? Also, how can I enable Virtualization-based security to best contain the VMs; should I enable Hyper-V for a hybrid environment? I am open to subjective views on the matter and I value reasonable input from the professional community.

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VMware Employee
VMware Employee

There is an area of VMTN dedicated to Workstation Pro, I’ve reported your thread asking moderators to move it there.


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