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Unable to "Move" files in Shared Folders?

I had previously been using a Windows XP Pro SP2 Host with VMware Workstation (originally v4.0, upgraded to 5.0 then recently to v5.5) to run a Windows XP Pro SP2 guest.

Recently received a new laptop (Windows XP SP2) and installed VMware Workstation v6.0.2 and have been experiencing problems since with VMware Shared Folders (which didn't give me problems previously).

When looking at the mapped Shared Folder from within the guest I can copy and delete files to and from the local disk/shared folder but when I cut and paste I receive an error that access is denied.

I have confirmed that the folder on the Host has Full Access to Everyone, Administrators and Users.

Would anyone have any suggestions as to how to further diagnos/resolve this problem?


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