Unable to ping Guest OS from physical Network

I would need support to fix the issue which in  home  setup running on windows server 2016. I have installed VMware workstation 15 pro and have multiple VM's like FTP and Web server. I have bridged the VM with physical network, doing so from VM i can reach to Internet and Home Physical network where i have multiple laptops.

Challenge hear is i am unable to ping or take RDP of Guest OS which is running windows 10 64 bit. I have tried disabling of firewall on guest, enabled file & print sharing, Explicit inbound rule allowing any any  but still unable to ping to guest OS.

LAP IP segment :

Laptop 1: IP address , Gateway :

Laptop 2: IP address , Gateway :

Physical Dell Server ( windows 2016 server ) : IP address , Gateway : ( Installed VMware Workstation and below VM's are deployed). NIC teaming is enabled between two physical NIC's

Guest OS 1: IP address , Gateway :

Guest OS 2: IP address , Gateway :

Thanks in Advance.

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