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Unable to get ping response from vmnet1

Hi there,

i am using vmware and gns3 to build a network. i have a asa firewall connected to router and inturn router is connected to a cloud in gns3. Cloud is using vmnet1 as its interface. i have a server and client installed in vmware and both are connected to vmnet1. Router inside interface,cloud. server and client are in the same network. ( network).  configured everything on ASA and router in gns3. i can ping the server and client which are connected to the cloud from ASA but not the vmnet1 interface assigned to cloud. but i can ping the same cloude interface (vmnet1) from router, server and client. only thing which i dont understand is when i can ping the server and client connect to the cloud from asa why not the cloud interface. can someone explain me why? Thnx in advance.

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