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Unable to create virtual network adapters after upgrading to Win 10 pro

I have recently upgraded to Win10 pro and afterwards my virtual network adapter ip addresses had been scrambled (running workstation 10.0.7). I tried to restore default but this did not sort the problem, when I try to create host only virtual networks and check the 'connect a host virtual adapter to this network' box (use local DHCP unchecked) the network editor runs for a long time but does nothing, no virtual adapters are created. After a little bit more investigation and a repair, and an uninstall and reload, I found that the problem seemed to be 'vmware network install library executable not responding'.

I can see this in the windows performance monitor whenever I install workstation or try to update the network settings. Any ideas whats causing this?

I can also see this in the event viewer

Fault bucket -461583813, type 5

Event Name: PnPDriverInstallError

Response: Not available

Cab Id: 0

Problem signature:

P1: x64

P2: 000005B4

P3: netadapter.inf

P4: e4bef2b0d32a3b12323b581044df567b0e8b7ce0

P5: VMnetAdapter1.Install


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I got the same Problem with the same entrys in event viewer.

Also at least a few guys from this thread have the same error i bet:

Windows 10, Workstation 10, no LAN bridge

At the point the setup is installing the network drivers it is suspicious that it needs 5-10 minutes to continue.

Please help.

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Hello Amadeus1791,

I had the same problems and in my case I had to uninstall Kaspersky AntiVirus ( It looks like it is not fully compatible with Windows 10. I had some additional problems that are also gone:

- I couldn't remove the Hyper-V role from Windows -> Windows Update always started a rollback

- I couldn't update any network adapter driver -> afterwards the adapter was disconnected or I couldn't change something like the IP-Address anymore

After removing Kaspersky and rebooting my computer I had used the "Restore Defaults" button of the Virtual Network Editor and everything installed correctly.

Hopefully this will help you to identify and solve your problem as well.



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