Ubuntu 12.04 VM stuch at boot screen, any chance of recovery?

I'm running Workstation 10.1 with an Ubuntu 12.04 X64 guest OS. I installed some driver updates that required reboot and now I am hanging at the boot screen. The log file shows errors, the last of which is I120: File: CreateFileDirectoryRetry: Non-retriable error encountered (D:\ProgramData\VMWare\):Cannot create a file when that file already exists (183).  I'm looking for suggestions to try and recover this VM before starting from scratch again (I know I should have created a snapshot or earlier backup but alas I was remiss in not doing so!). Again any help or suggestions would be welcome since the recreation process would be rather long 😞

Update: I read there is a recovery mode for Ubuntu -

How To Reset Lost User Account Password For Ubuntu:

If you forget your password and cannot use another account to login and change it you can do the following instead.

  1. Boot up & after bios but before bootloader hold down shift
  2. Choose entry that says recovery mode and hit enter (Sometimes this entry is under Advanced Boot Options)
  3. Scroll down to root and hit enter
  4. type: mount -rw -o remount /
  5. type: passwd username

replace "username" with the name of the account you are trying to change the password for.

  1. You will be prompted to enter a new password, do so, and then you will be asked for it again so type it again.
  2. Type: halt -p

This will shut down your computer, then reboot and login

Wondering if there is a way to boot into the Ubuntu recovery when booting from Workstation 10?



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Boot to root recovery mode and run:

chown -R prabal:prabal /home/prabal


Which boot screen?  Is it the BIOS screen (with the VMware logo), the GRUB boot menu screen, or Linux boot?  It might help to attach a screenshot.

Could you also attach the vmware.log to your reply?  (Don't copy and paste... Choose Use advanced editor in the top-right corner, then look below the compose window for the button to attach a file.)