USB 2.0 devices

I have just installed Vmware wks 6.0 on a Kubuntu distro. The guest is WxP and it works fine.

My problem is that when I connect a USB 2.0 scanner to the controller, I have to install it manually and WXP says that the peripheral could run faster if I connected it to a 2.0 controller.

I know that the controller is USB 2.0.

In the Vmware panel (settings) there is no possibility to change anything because the items are in ghost mode, and all inputs are disabled.

Are there any advices/suggestions for my problem?

My intention is to use Linux as a main OS and the Microsoft platform as a guest to develop applications.

Thank you in advance

Guido Madonini

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Hot Shot
Hot Shot

It sounds like the VM's hardware version is 5, or less. Workstation 6 is when USB 2.0 support was added.

Was the VM built from scratch in Wks 6.0?