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Two bugs

Host: Windows 11, 16 gig RAM, intel core i7 11th gen processor with iGPU
Guest: Windows 11 4 gig RAM, 2 processors, running on VMware workstation pro 17.0.1 with latest version of VM tools installed.

I am dealing with the following two bugs
1. If I suspend and then resume a VM from the command bar of VMware workstation, there appears a delay of about 5-10% in opening start menu in Windows 11 after resuming it. This delay is persistent and remains there until I shut down the VM and then restart it.
2. If I restart the VM from inside the start menu [the normal Windows 11 button], the desktop slide show will not play the slide show. If I toggle the view from the command bar [fullscreen toggle or console view toggle], the slide show will resume and starts playing normally.

If I restart the VM from the command bar of VMware workstation, the slide show continues to play normally.

Questions: What may I do to prevent the delay in opening start menu of Windows 11 when I suspend and resume the VM. And what may I do so that the VM continues to play desktop slide show if I restart it from within the Windows 11 start menu button.
Things I've tried include;
1. Uninstalling and reinstalling VM tools
2. Changing assigned memory (1 gb to 6 gb RAM)
3. Resetting the guest OS and reinstalling it
4. Uninstalling and reinstalling VMware workstation.

Many thanks and cheers

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