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The dreaded AMD-V not supported on this platform (Win 11 Pro w Ryzen 7840U).

Here's the background: I'm running Windows 11 Pro 23H2 on a Lenovo P14s with an AMD Ryzen PRO 7840U w/Radeon 780M Graphics. The only thing I want to do is run a Windows VM that allows me to use WSL2. So yes, it's the whole 'nested virtualization' thing.

I have tried to resolve this using every method available online, such as disable all hyper V features (including the whp, virt sec, sandbox, etc), disable core isolation, device guard, etc... make the recommended changes in the registry and bcdedit hypervisor launch off.... try using only 1 core, etc, etc, etc. Nothing works. I've also tried using VMWare Player, VMWare Workstation 17 and 16.

My last option is to return the laptop because this use case was the only reason I bought it. Before I return it, I'm firing off the flare gun for one last, desperate plea for help. On a final thought, the one thing I haven't tried is to create a dual boot with Linux, and run vmware workstation from that OS, but I have no idea if that would make a difference.


Edit: Forgot to mention... yes... is virtualization is enabled in BIOS. 

Edit 2: Monitor mode is ULM. I assume the problem is that I cannot fully disable Hyper-V.

I managed to solve this. For anyone who runs into this situation in the future, most of the online instructions indicate that you should change the device guard registry settings 'enabled' to 0, which is true. However, one item that was missing was the 'managed' attribute of DeviceGuard->Scenarios->SystemGuard->Managed. Once I changed managed to zero and restarted, the virtualization-based security in sysinfo changed from running to 'not enabled'.

Hopefully this helps someone else.

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