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The credential to access the VM and the IP address.

I am using VMware to set up a Ubuntu 22.04 as a virtual machine.  The host computer is a Windows 10 Enterprise OS.

After getting 403 Forbidden errors while doing simple updates at the command line, I did some research and it seems that my company network admins need to do something on their end for me.  I have been asked to "share the credential to access the VM and also the IP address"

When I right button click on the machine name in the VMware Workstation and select settings, for Network Adapter it shows I have the radio button clicked for NAT and Used to share the host IP address. 


This did not seem to be useful for him.  

And, so, here I am on this web forum for help and answers.  Where can I find the credential to access the VM and where can I find the IP address of the Virtual Machine and/or where can I set these values?


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  • solving this issue try in workstation VM Edit> virtual Networks editor> Change Settings(As Administrator)> Restore defaults apply ok.
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  • if you want to give remote access it required internet connection,  so try to give host IP address user name and password.  then they play with VM Connection settings
  • user name and password it would be host login Credentials.
  • there is multiple ways to connect remotely like zoom, teams, Anydesk, teamviewer, quick assist. (recommended for troubleshoot)