Switching mouse buttons for lefties -- does not work

So the bain of my IT life is the fact that I use a mouse left handed.  I have issues on RDP working in big teams as you can imagine.  The issue I am facing now is when I have my host machine on VMware Workstation 15 set to use the right mouse button as the primary click VMware sees this and automatically switches it for me.

the REAL problem comes when I am testing an Intune MDM joined machine.  becuase Intune syncs your settings across devices, the VM then picks up the mouse button switch then switches it for me.  So then VMware workstation performs its auto switch, but the result is the primary mouse button being left!!! aaaaaaargh.

Only thing I can think to do is try and stop Intune syncing this somehow.

Any ideas from a VMware Workstasiton perspective?

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