Suggestion for improvement of serial ports settings

Using VMware Workstation latest version on a Windows 7 64-bit Host + WinXP Guest.

Suggestion: A better way to configure serial ports.

I suggest this:

Besides having the setting for which Host OS port to use, add a setting for which Guest OS serial port to use for each serial port.

So, for example you can map COM2 on the Host to COM1 on the Guest/etc.

Now, it seems to be a bit convoluted, and it is not exactly and easily understandable which serial port is mapped to which Guest OS port.

(For example, if you add a serial port, the first one is marked as Serial port, and if you add a 2nd one it is marked as Serial port2 in the VM settings.)

Also, the virtual printer was assigned COM1, which meant that the Serial port can't be used due to the printer using that, this is not the best way to handle this too.

Thanks for any comments!

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If you want predictable results - edit the vmx-file directly.

And if you really need serial ports I highly recommend NOT to use Thinprint at all.

Read my notes:

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I do not support Workstation 16 at this time ...

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