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Stuck keyboard issue (autorepeat) using Windows XP as host (not Linux)

I am having an issue similar to the issue posted in this thread

It is basically the same problem however I am running Windows Xp as my host and Sles 9 as my guest.

I originally created the VM on ESX 3.5 and converted it to Workstation 6.5.1 Build 126130 .

Just to run down the problem again, basically, when I am in my guest OS, I will be typing something and the keys will occasionally "stick".

For instance if I go to type "ifconfig" it might start entering "iffffffffccccccconfig" . It seems to be completely random, however if I type very slowly it seems to not happen.

It seems that if a key is depressed for longer than an instant there is a high chance of it repeating.

I tried looking at some of the potential solutions in that thread however I couldn't really do many of them because I am running XP as my host.

Someone had mentioned that it was probably due to the version of Ubuntu that they were using having come out after the version of workstation.

So my first question is, is there a known fix for this for Windows XP?

If not I can provide more detailed information, and any ideas on where I can look for help with solutions on tihs would be appreciated as well.

Note I am new to VMware communities so I am not very familiar with the site yet.


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