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Starting a VM via Jenkins Pipeline -> Error: Unknown Error

Hello @all,

I have a question regarding starting a VM via Jenkins Pipeline. First the setup we have: Windows Remote Machine (here VMware Workstation 16 Pro is installed), a prepared Ubuntu VM (.vmx file). A Jenkins Pipeline which can be started from a different computer/user and needs to power up that VM along the road.

We are facing the following problem: Starting the VM via Pipeline fails with: "Error: Unknown Error".

We are triggering the start with:  "path_to_vmrun.exe" -T ws start "path_to_vmxfile.vmx" nogui, then waiting a couple of seconds, then: "path_to_vmrun.exe" list to check if the machine is started and finally: "path_to_vmrun.exe" -T ws stop "path_to_vmxfile.vmx" to stop the machine. This is all in a batch script, which should be executed via the pipeline. 

Running the batch script locally on the win remote machine works flawlessly: VM starts, is then found via the list command and can be stopped. Executing this via Jenkins: start returns the Error: Unknown Error. The list command runs and returns 0 running machines of course. The stop command also executes, but returns that the machine can't be stopped (logically), because it is not running. So basically, the commands can be executed via Jenkins, but something is hindering the start up of the VM. The log file itself is empty and the returned error message not very helpful.

So I am wondering if someone has an idea what might be the issue here? If more information is needed feel free to ask.
Thanks in advance!


We extended the debugging level to full and now we some information in log file. Especially this caught my eye:
Error VIX_E_HOST_TCP_SOCKET_ERROR in FoundryVMOpenSocketToVMXThroughAuthd():
unable to contact authd: Failed to read vmware-authd port number:
Cannot connect to VMX

And the Jenkins Pipeline is printing: I/O warning : failed to load external entity "file:/C:/ProgramData/VMware/hostd/proxy.xml"

But we read in other threads, that this appears in a working VM log file too and might not be the issue ...
Attaching the complete .log-file. Maybe someone is spotting something else?

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