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Sound & Camera Issues using VMware Workstation 16 Pro 16.2.3 build-19376536 & Windows 11 Enterprise

Hi there.

I have installed and set up VMware® Workstation 16 Pro 16.2.3 build-19376536 with Windows 11 Enterprise as my OS.

For the most part, the VM is responsive and works well.

Unfortunately, when it comes to doing online conferencing calls using my Bluetooth-connected audio device and USB-connected Camera, it's horrendous.

When the call starts there is about a 1 minute window, where I just have to sit and wait for the camera and audio to become responsive.
I can see the other attendees but the audio and video is so bad, I have no idea what they are saying.

They report constant issues with my audio and camera throughout the call, from it being jerky, delayed out of sync, too soft and a constant echo.

If I jump onto the host and do the same calls there are zero issues.
The issues only arise when I attempt to do the same calls, using the same software and devices, from the VM.

I am considering buying a license for this product but not until these issues have been resolved in entirety.
I should notice zero difference between the host and the VM.

I am hoping you can be of assistance.

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You need to downgrade to 16.1.0 build-17198959 for audio to work OK. VMWare has not been able to figure it out, even in 17.0 version. A lot of us have the same issue. The Player version 16.2 and up is no better either

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