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Slow guest after converted VMDK to preallocated - Might help someone


I don't post very often, but when I have in the past, you all have been very helpful, so I thought that I might post this info, in case it might help someone in the future.

I'm using VMware Workstation, of the 6.x variety.

The other day, I had cloned (full clone) one of the snapshots of one of my Windows guests.  However, with the cloned guest, the VMDK was growable, and was a little slow, so I used vmware-vdiskmanager to convert the cloned VMDK to a preallocated VMDK, and then I configured that guest to use the new preallocated VMDK.

When I tried to start the guest, getting to the Windows desktop would take quite awhile before the icons would show up. 

I lived with that for a day or so, then I figured I'd create a new/fresh preallocated VMDK, and image the cloned VMDK to the new/fresh preallocated VMDK, figuring maybe the converted VMDK had some unknown problem, similar to:


but with no really definitive fix.

However, even after I imaged to the new/fresh preallocated VMDK and booted into Windows, it still had the same slow-to-desktop behavior.

I had almost given up on getting rid of the slowness, then I realized that the original guest had a VMware shared drive, which was mapped.

So, I disconnected the mapped drive (right-click My Computer==>Disconnect drive, etc.) and then, after that, when I rebooted, the Windows desktop appeared almost immediately.

I don't know why this happened.  Maybe converting the original VMDK messed up the mapped drive/connection or something, but anyway, it's all good now.

So, if anyone runs across Windows getting to the desktop slowly, check to make sure you don't have any mapped drives from earlier.

I hope that this helps someone in the future.


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