Simulating Windows server 2012 DHCP ROLE ? unable to disable the vmware dhcp (newbie needs help)

Hello guys i need help so here is  the problem, i created 2 vmware machines one for windows server 2012 (DHCP ROLE) and another for windows 10 , so first i have configure the dhcp created a scope of ip pool, next is disabled the dhcp of vmware itself ,now the main problem is with vm windows 10 is not getting the ipscope of the dhcp that i have set up from the dhcp server of windows server,instead its getting an ip from somewhere else i dont know i tried doing sometrouble shooting such ipconfig/release/renew also disable the vmware dhcp services from my own computer  , below the screenshot of the following issue hope it helps  . please help im stuck

1.Virtual network editor


2.Vmware settings of windows 10


3.ipconfig of windows 10


4.My windows server 2012 dhcp server configuration


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If you misconfigure vmnet0 to use hostonly then you also need to manually edit your vmx-files.

Or just use "restore defaults" and start over.

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I do not support Workstation 16 at this time ...

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Hi arnoldganapin,

The IP address starting with 169 is what Windows computers assign to themselves when no DHCP server is found. It’s automatically assigned by the local machine in this situation.

The issue you have here is that you cannot have DHCP running in one VM connected to a Host only network, issuing addresses to another VM. It is truly Host only communication.


  1. Create a LAN segment and connect both VMs to the same one (no host comms)
  2. Use Bridged
  3. Create a custom network

Thanks and kind regards.

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